Wot a lot of rot

Wot a lot of rot

We know our clients want a pre-acquisition building survey to give a clean bill of health on the building they hope to buy but as surveyors there is nothing more pleasing than finding a juicy problem. And they don’t come any juicier than a good ‘fruiting body’.

Last month whilst surveying a period property our team found extensive dry rot in the floors and wainscoting. To be honest it was hard to miss with large ‘fruiting bodies’, mycelium and spores as well as the typical cubing of the affected wood associated with dry rot.

Thankfully for most of our clients finding such an extensive outbreak of dry rot is relatively rare because eradicating it is difficult and generally very expensive.

High risk areas include basements, timber beams and plates built into solid walls, timber ground floors and wainscot panelling. In all cases the extra ingredients are a source of moisture combined with poor ventilation. Unfortunately for the building owner areas such as floor voids and the gap behind timber panelling are not immediately visible, allowing dry rot to develop before there is any visible sign.

A good surveyor will identify the risk areas and see if the conditions exist for dry rot to develop, even before it is visible. Having identified the risk and established the conditions the good surveyor will recommend appropriate measures to prevent an outbreak.