Tender procurement

Inviting builders tenders - who, how and afterwards.

Tender procurement is more than simply inviting tenders from builders.

There may be company policies to follow or EU Regulations to consider. You may want a fixed price but how are fluctuations or changes in materials or labour costs or in taxation to be handled? Is a pre-qualification process required or will single stage tendering be appropriate? What contract should be used? How long will the tender be valid? Would a design and build contract be best? Are there elements of contractors design? You have had a builder recommended to you but are they any good, are they suitable, are they available, do they employ their own labour or sub-contractors, do they overrun or make lots of claims for extras?

So many questions and all with one answer, consult us.

We will advise on the most appropriate form of procurement for your project. We will consider design and build; bills of quantities; specification and / or schedule of work; fixed price; cost-plus; negotiation; and, the various forms of contract.

We will assist in preparing the tender short list. We will obtain references when required or prepare pre-qualification questionnaires with scoring criteria.

We will prepare the contract preliminaries, the bills of quantities, the specifications or schedules of work and the form of tender. We will invite the tenders and arrange opening.

We will analyse the tenders, seek clarification where required and report on the results. Our report will include a project update when we are the lead consultant covering planning, planning conditions, building regulations and the like.

Apart from the mechanics of tendering this stage provides an excellent opportunity for the client and design team to work together to personalise the scheme. Time spent at this stage deciding on the details, specifying precisely the ironmongery, sanitaryware, floor and decorative finishes, pays dividends when the final account is settled. At tender stage the builders and their suppliers are keen to win the job and they put in the most competitive price they can. By making as many decisions as possible pre-tender and specifying precisely what is required there is less opportunity for the final cost to rise. Making specification choices after the builder has been appointed takes away that competitive edge to the price.

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