Detailed design

Detailed design in architecture turns the brief and sketches into working proposals.

Working with your brief and any agreed sketch scheme we will work up the proposal to produce a working design. This stage incorporates more detail and gets into materials and finishes to fully illustrate the layout and appearance of the scheme.

At this stage the proposal can be taken to the local authority Planning Department for pre-application consultation. This is a preliminary opportunity to sound out the council and perhaps deal with any contentious issues before the design is finalised. At the same time it is good practice to discuss the scheme with neighbours, parish and other local councillors and, for larger schemes perhaps consider a public exhibition or meeting.

Feedback from the various consultations may indicate that the scheme should be modified; it may be something as simple as changing glass from clear to obscure, or something more radical such as re-orientating a house or changing the roof shape. If changes are made they should be noted in the "Planning, Design and Access Statement" as outcomes from the pre-application consultation stage.

After the consultation and with the feedback fully considered the detailed design is finalised. At this point the budget costs are often revisited to make sure that it is still on target. Timetables can also be re-assessed and lists prepared of possible firms to include on the tender invitation.

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Featured Projects

  • Architectural projects

    Northfield Road Thatcham

    Our client acquired this site for redevelopment purposes. Working together we designed a pair of semi-detached houses with staggered fronts and a style that harmonised with the neighbours.
  • Architectural projects

    Newfound Basingstoke

    Our client owned this site and saw the potential for a small residential development comprising a pair of semi-detached houses.
  • Architectural projects

    Church Gate Thatcham

    Our client proposed to convert this substantial Grade II Listed property into two self-contained dwellings.
  • Architectural projects

    Wallis Gardens Newbury

    Our client owned this site and saw the potential for a small residential development. Working together we designed a pair of semi-detached houses with a third linked-detached house.
  • Architectural projects

    Wessex Gardens Twyford

    Our clients owned this property and liked the location but were unhappy with the dated style and wanted more space. Working together we designed a contemporary style ‘makeover’ and remodelled the interior and added two-storey and single storey extensions. We obtained Planning Consent and then cleared the planning conditions.
  • Architectural projects

    Elcot, Newbury

    Our clients brief was for a large study-cum-library, pool changing facilities and a proper brick built garage with storage.