Elcot, Newbury

Elcot, Newbury

Our clients brief was for a large study-cum-library, pool changing facilities and a proper brick built garage with storage. Although located on a spacious plot the space available was constrained by the swimming pool and a tree root protection zone around nearby trees.

Previous owners had obtained planning consent but what had been proposed did not fit the brief.

We felt that to extend the house with similar matching construction would create a long terrace effect detrimental to the character of the house. What was needed was something akin to an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence; and, with this thought we conceived a two-storey octagonal building with turreted roof. The study-cum-library occupies the first floor; it has lots of wall space for books, strategically placed windows to take advantage of countryside views and a vaulted ceiling within the turret capped with an octagonal pyramid skylight.

We prepared 3-D concepts; obtained planning and building regulation approvals; prepared contract documents and obtained tenders and then oversaw the project to completion and agreement of the final account.


Location: Newbury
Year Completed: 2014 – 2017