Industrial Unit Christchurch

Industrial Unit Christchurch

As part of our clients plan to bring together a number of subsidiary group companies in one location they looked to take an FRI lease on these Units comprising a total of 2,200 m² (23,750 sq.ft.) of industrial and office space.  As part of the deal the landlord offered to refurbish the building.

Our client requested a pre-acquisition building survey in order to agree the scope of the landlord’s repair and refurbishment work.

The Units were built circa 1960.  The survey revealed that one half had suffered significant water ingress causing substantial damage to the interior.  In addition there were lots of age related defects and suspect asbestos containing materials throughout.  (Unrelated complications with the landlord’s ability to let caused the property to be removed from the market.)


Location: Christchurch
Year Completed: Survey 2018