Technical auditing

Project evaluation, technical audit and "due diligence"

Each technical audit has its own individual scope and purpose. Generally technical audit are required to evaluate particular work stages or a number of stages prior to moving on to the next; for example, checking that the pre-tender contractor selection and the tender invitation process followed EU or company requirements, such as on advertising and selection of suitable contractors prior to awarding the contract to a particular firm. This 'due diligence" particularly applies to public sector projects but is also applicable in some corporate, charitable and trust situations.

Depending on the project stage the evaluation will include a review of the stated requirements for that particular stage, check the documentation, check the reporting, check the detail drawings against the original design or feasibility study, compare the budget forecast to the tender, check the contractors" means and methods, check the construction against the specification or lab testing.

The audit may be confined to the tendering process or tender documentation; or it could be an audit of the final contract sum, or the project as a whole. In the latter case this is usually to learn how systems can be improved for projects of a similar nature. Such audit are often required to satisfy internal accountancy procedures or they can arise from queries on contractors accounts.

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