Feasibility studies

A detailed assessment of the viability and implications of a proposed project

A feasibility study is an exercise to assess the design and cost implications of a proposed project; the end product is a feasibility report. It may contain photographs, sketches and drawings as well as financial projections.

Depending on the proposal the study will consider the practicalities of the scheme, its impact on the building or site as well as the locality generally; it will consider legal restrictions as may appear in title deeds and leases, the constraints imposed by Planning and Building Regulations; site conditions, the soil, availability of drainage and other services (gas, electric, fibre optics); and, it will advise on timings, tendering and the need to appoint other professionals.

Obviously it is important that the terms and scope of the study are clearly defined and agreed in advance.

For very small schemes such as domestic extensions we offer a free feasibility study as part of the fee quotation process.

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