Building Regulation approval

Building Regulation Approval - Guaranteed

Some small buildings, minor alterations and most repairs are exempt from Building Regulation approval. You can also start most residential schemes without prior approval under the "Building Notice" procedure. This procedure best suits small, uncomplicated schemes as it generally avoids the preparation of full detailed plans, calculations and construction notes. However, because the work on site is inspected as it progresses there are risks that it will be unsatisfactory and this may result in it having to be removed or taken down and re-done; this will add to cost and cause delay. It may also lead to a dispute with the builder over who is responsible for the unsatisfactory work.

The safest option, and the generally preferred route, is to submit a "Full Plans" application. As the name implies fully detailed construction plans are submitted together with full construction notes, supporting structural and thermal calculations to show compliance with the Regulations. The building regulation drawings are far more detailed than the "artistic" Planning drawings; they are often at a larger scale, and generally include detailed sections and are usually fully dimensioned.

These are complex regulations but we guarantee to obtain approval to our Building Regulation submissions.

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